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Simple Man 03-May 2007 Thursday 2:23 AM (5160 days ago)               #1
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Dear registered Members,

We seek your help to keep this forum fun and harmonious, tidy and neat.
Thus, kindly go Thru the stated commandments here.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Yours sincerely,
The AsianBookie Team


  • No Profanity/Vulgarities and Flamming.This includes Political, Religious and Racist remarks.
  • Suggestions, differences of opinion, and humour are always welcomed and appreciated, but flamming at any time will not be tolerated and warrants a warning or ban depending on severity. Any such cases should be reported via and be left to the authorities to handle.

    A hostile, often unprovoked, message directed at a participant of an internet discussion forum.

  • No Advertising. Not even mentioning or asking of any website names. This Includes Gambling websites, Phonetips, Paysites, Soccer Websites, etc.
    Advertisement means advertising of any kind (including signature, avatar, username, profile, etc.)
  • DO NOT ask for or post your personal details.Offenders will be banned. 
  • DO NOT ask for Bookie/Runner or post your personal details. Offenders will be banned.
  • DO NOT flood the forums.
  • Please Post relevant picks in the respective soccer forums.Threads may be moved or deleted without prior notice. Especially NO POSTING OF scores except in Livescore Forum.Offenders WILL BE WARNED.
  • NO PENDING THREADS. Post only when you will as they generate unnecessary traffic.
  • Administrators and Moderators are here to ensure the forums are staying within peace. Please respect them and DO NOT challenge.
  • Any disputes should be dealt with via Reports and Complains Forum. Administrators and Moderators have the last say and final decision. 

    Read before you submit: All offenders will be banned immediately.
    - DO NOT post ANY WEBSITE / PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES in this forum.
    - DO NOT be RUDE to other members or use VULGAR LANGUAGE
    - DO NOT post or ask the direction to TIPSTERS BLOGS/FACEBOOK GROUP in this forum.
    - DO NOT ask for or post your EMAIL ADDRESS/BLOGS/CONTACT NUMBER/MSN  in this forum.
    - DO NOT post any ADVERTISEMENTS/PROFIT-MAKING ideas whatsoever.
    - DO NOT post any Livescores/Commentaries in the main forums.
    - DO NOT post any PENDING THREADS.
    Post only when you will as they generate unnecessary traffic.


注意事项 :
• 禁止张贴,转贴和传播任何具有污蔑,污秽,暴力,色情,辱骂性质的信息,图片和文章。不得使用冒犯民族和种族的语言和任何有关一却政治的言论。
• 禁止发布任何进行污蔑,诽谤和人身攻击的言论,或披露他人隐私,侮辱,中伤,恐吓他人的言论。
• 禁止张贴或讯问有关任何网络,商业广告和任何论坛发布及广告信息。
• 禁止张贴或讯问有关任何用户之间的传递,通讯,联系,电讯等个人信息。
• 禁止寻人,不要回复过期帖,禁止发布还没决定的赛马, 多多博彩和万字票博彩结果帖,尤其是网站繁忙时刻。
• 当发现有违规行为,可以当场按论坛左上导航条---
--- 在线主管列表。请别乱按以免干扰管理员而受处罚。
• 会员需互相尊重,并对自己的言论和行为负责。
• 论坛中讨论文章只代表发言人个人观点,不代表论坛立场. 作者文责自负。


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Simple Man 16-Apr 2008 Wednesday 8:06 PM (4810 days ago)            #2
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Dear registered members

DO NOT start Thank You, Good Luck, Congratulations and Greetings Threads, however members may post as replies.
Birthday, Congratulation Promotion and Seasons Greetings Threads are acceptable in this forum.
Your Topics and contents must related to Horse Racing & Lottering Forum, if not please post in the respective forums.

Consolidation Threads
Five threads per day ( 24 hours ).
NOT more than two threads in one hour per forum ( except Gossip, Suggestions & Help, Complaints and Test Forums ).
The above rules and regulations apply to all members. ( including Diamond, Platinum, Flashing Gold, Gold and AB Tipsters )
( No restriction for Administrators and Moderators )

Administrators and Moderators will act accordingly with those members who DO NOT comply with the rules and regulations.

For those members wanted to be promoted to Diamond, Platinum, Flashing Gold and Gold members please write your threads in proper English or Mandarin, no other languages and dialects.

Please keep this forum racial harmonious, tidy and neat.
We seek your kind understanding and cooperation.
Thank You and Keep Winning

AsianBookie Admin Team


请不要书写谢谢你,祝你好运, 祝贺和问候的主题,但是成员可以张贴回复。
在这个论坛上,生日, 祝贺晋升和季节的问候语主题是可以接受的。

在一小时内不能超过二个线程,在每一个论坛(聊天, 建议与协助, 投诉和测试论坛除外)。
上述规则及规例适用于所有成员。(包括钻石,白金,闪金,金 和 AB tipsters)





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